Hack The Box – Cryptohorrific – @lautarovculic

Difficult: Medium

Category: Mobile


Description: Secure coding is the keystone of the application security!

After downloading the compressed file and decompressing it, we will have a folder where inside we find the files we need:

The hackthebox file, is the main file of the program that contains the binary files.

The .plist file is a list that contains details about the app and author.

This is for gather information when you search an App in the App Store.

The challenge.plist have some interesting:

This must be an base64 encrypted text.


So it’s source code time.

I recommend use IDA for that:


We load the hackthebox program to our IDA and let’s inspect that.

Here we have a insteresting function: _CCCrypt

Following to CCCrypt_ptr we can see that jmp. So, navigate to CCCrypt_ptr and:

We can see between __cfstring some interesting things:

					__cfstring:0000000100003128 dq offset aFlag ; "flag”
					__cfstring:0000000100003108 dq offset aPlist ; "plist”
					__cfstring:00000001000030E8 dq offset aChallenge ; "challenge”
					__cfstring:00000001000030C8 dq offset aQftjwnzq4t7wZC ; "QfTjWnZq4t7w!z%C”
					__cfstring:00000001000030A8 dq offset aADGKapdsgvky ; "!A%D*G-KaPdSgVkY”

Following, for example: aADGKapdsgvky

We are redirect to:

And may be this is the key and IV of an AES encryption. Let’s check:


So with these values, we can go to this online tool for decrypt:


And here is, the flag:

Decode to Plain Text and you will get the flag.

I hope you found it useful (:

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