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Manager hackthebox

Difficult: Easy

Category: Mobile

OS: Android

Description: A client asked me to perform security assessment on this password management application. Can you help me?

Download, and extract the .zip file with the password hackthebox, and, Start the Instance.

In my case is:

There are a README.txt file that say

  1. Install this application in an API Level 29 or earlier (i.e. Android 10.0 (Google APIs)).
  2. In order to connect to the server when first running the application, insert the IP and PORT that you are provided in the description.

Extract the content with apktool

					apktool d Manager.apk

And install the apk with adb

					adb install -r Manager.apk

We will see the message that need the IP Server and Port

Let’s connect

And there are a login and register menu.

Go to register a new user.

I try Sign Up as admin but says that are Taken

Idk if there are a part of the challenge or another HTB User create this account, but I’ll keep this in mind.

Here we can see some info about the app.

There are a ID, user, pass (we can change), and role.

Then, intercepting the request of the UPDATE button

I change the username lautaro to admin

And the password for admin has updated (IDOR).

Then, log in as admin we can found the flag

I hope you found it useful (:

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