My projects

  • pwnFi

    Simple Wi-Fi cracking automation. GitHub Description This Bash script is designed for performing Wi-Fi penetration testing attacks, specifically targeting WPA/WPA2 networks using PSK (Pre-Shared Key). It supports two attack modes: Handshake and PKMID attack. The script automates various steps including setting up monitor mode, capturing handshakes or PKMID messages, deauthentication, and cracking passwords using Aircrack-ng…

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  • zChecksum

    Tool to obtain and compare hashes. Python >= 3.9 pip install hashlib pip install colorama Usage python <file_name>   python <file_name> [hash]   The [hash] arg is optional. This hash will compare the hashes that were obtained from the <file_name>. Code # Lautaro Daniel Villarreal Culic’ # # ver 4.0 # REQUIRE…

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  • zScrap

    Simple Python scripts to do Web Scraping when I’m bored. zScrap – dollarBlue Unofficial Dollar Value in Argentina. Sources: Code – (dollarBlue) #python3 -m pip install requests beautifulsoup4 #Lautaro Villarreal Culic’ import requests from bs4 import BeautifulSoup #Set URL url = “” if “__main__” == __name__: #GET method request page = requests.get(url) #Process…

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  • zDirb

    A Python script for enumerating directories and counting words in files with progress tracking. Table of Contents Description Prerequisites Usage Customization Description This Python script allows you to enumerate directories based on a provided URL and count the words in files located in those directories using a wordlist. It includes progress tracking with an interactive…

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  • zStego

    It is a steganography tool for hiding files and texts within an image. Programmed in .NET with Visual Basic.

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  • Supervivencia

    It is a comprehensive survival manual with a compass in Spanish. The Android application is made in Java.

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  • zLogs

    It is my first tool used to delete logs on computers with the Windows operating system. NOTE: Run as Administrator.

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